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Man O'War Golf Course

About the Course

Built on 1995 and designed by architect Dan Maples, Man O’ War is open year-round and welcomes the public to enjoy. It features Crenshaw Bent grass on the greens and 419 Bermuda grass on the fairways. Located about 10 miles from the coast, this legendary golf course in Myrtle Beach is really a one-of-a-kind experience that takes full advantage of the majestic scenery in the area. There’s a significant amount of water to challenge you, and laying up is a strong bet more often than not.

This par-72 masterpiece is built around 100-acre lake and is about 7,000 yards from the black tees. The lake is what defines almost all of the eighteen holes, making it a dominant factor in what structures this course. It’s certainly visible from all holes and in play in a significant way, on no less than a dozen holes.

Man O'War Clubhouse

Course Background

Since its official opening to the public in 1996, Man O’ War has been enjoyed by golfing locals as well as visiting golfers on their Myrtle Beach golf packages.

Man O’ War is a course with very little roll. This is particularly true in summer but throughout the year, and that means that even big hitters will find a challenge here. Lush, green and relatively flat, this may be what you call a typical Myrtle Beach golf course, and that’s a compliment. With amazing scenery,  this remarkable layout helped the course earn a four-star rating from Golf Digest.

Featuring signature holes on the 17th and 18th, Man O’ War is a fantastic one-two punch that can spoil the day of a golfer who’s otherwise managed to stay dry up to this point. It is believed to be the only known course in the world with back-to-back island greens on the 14th and 15th holes. It also features an island par-4, totally surrounded by water. 

Explore the Course

Man O'War Hole 1

Hole 1

Man O'War Hole 2

Hole 2

Man O'War Hole 3

Hole 3

Man O'War Hole 4

Hole 4

Hole 5

Man O'War Hole 6

Hole 6

Man O'War Hole 7

Hole 7

Man O'War Hole 8

Hole 8

Man O'War Hole 9

Hole 9

Man O'War Hole 10

Hole 10

Man O'War Hole 11

Hole 11

Man O'War Hole 12

Hole 12

Man O'War Hole 13

Hole 13

Man O'War Hole 14

Hole 14

Man O'War Hole 15

Hole 15

Man O'War Hole 16

Hole 16

Man O'War Hole 17

Hole 17

Man O'War Hole 18

Hole 18

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