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The Witch – gives you that come hither look

published by Ladies Golf Journey    Oct. 24, 2012

The name alone pulls you to come play this challenging course, to see who wins – you or The Witch. As you drive into the course, it looks like any golf course, with its gently rolling fairways bordered by trees and a few bunkers scattered throughout. But leaving the clubhouse and on your way to the first hole it is a completely different story, traveling on wooden bridges across dark water swamps and surrounded by cypress trees with hanging moss.Their "yellow brick road" is 4,000 feet of bridgework winding through cypress tree swamps, across lakes and over wetland areas filled with numerous species of flowers and plants. Pulling up to the first hole you laugh a little. The tee markers first look like witches hats, but with further inspection, they are actually made from cypress knees, with "orange" and white paint to mark the forward tees. Like snowflakes no two are alike.

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Myrtle Beach golf vacation packages tough to beat this time of year

published by World Golf    Oct. 23, 2012

The weather on the Grand Strand on the coast of the Carolinas is pretty much perfect, the kids are in school, and the prices are right, setting you up for a perfect buddy trip to play as much unabashed golf as you like. Another great package deal comes courtesy of Mystical Golf, which has three terrific golf courses under its umbrella – Witch Golf Links, The Wizard and Man O' War. You can get lodging, golf breakfast, lunch and two beers each day, plus a steak dinner at one of Logan’s Steakhouse for $75 each day, which is ridiculous. I just played all three of those courses, and can tell you they are in terrific shape and a lot of fun. And you won't find a more hospitable host than Claude Pardue, the president and CEO of Mystical Golf. He really does take great pride in those courses as they are continually improving. And if you play there, don't be surprised if he greets you personally.

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NEGM Trip to Myrtle Beach: Arrival at Myrtle Beach

published by New England Golf Monthly    Oct. 20, 2012

We have arrived to defend our title in the 2nd annual Golf Media Tournament in perhaps the most economical and fun charged golf vacation destination in the U. S. – Myrtle Beach. An easy flight from anywhere, the plane banks in from the Atlantic with a panoramic view of the well lit ocean front accommodations where we can sit like royalty on the balcony of our room to watch the wave jumpers, sun bathers and shell collectors or take a stroll along the miles of sandy beach. Over 38 affordable courses await play on the Grand Strand. Our host, Mystical Golf casts a magical spell on players with three sister courses, starting with The Wizard’s magic. The Witch is the course for nature lovers as gators preside over the swamp cauldrons. Man-o-War features back to back island greens with water on 17 of 18 holes.

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NEGM Trip to Myrtle Beach: Day Two at Myrtle Beach – Birdie Baby!

published by New England Golf Monthly    Oct. 20, 2012

Beyond the crashing waves and the deep blue sea, patterns of pink streaked the sky announcing the sunbreaking over the horizon in Myrtle Beach. A school of dolphins trolled north and we were off to see the Wizard. And oh what a whiz of a wizard it was, conjuring up a blue and white kingfisher that hovered over the water like a hummingbird would, watching the drives off the first tee box, a whimsical symbol of a lucky day. We had a great opening round of the Mystical Media Classic on this gorgeous course as we ham and egged it very well.

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Myrtle Beach’s Mystical Golf is Magical

published by Southern New England Golfer    Sep. 24, 2012

Claude Pardue was an entrepreneur who owned a golf course in the Pinehurst area of North Carolina. In the late 1980’s he traveled to Myrtle Beach to find a piece of property that would make a great golf course. He found a 500-acre parcel between Conway and So. Myrtle Beach. "As soon as I walked the property, I knew that I had found the spot where I would build a magical golf course," recalled Pardue who brought a few writers from the northeast down in March to experience and play his three courses. "I named the course The Witch and it opened in 1989," said the effusive Pardue who talked about the great work that course architect and fellow North Carolinian Dan Maples did on the design. Since the course takes you through this beautiful swampland, you see many alligators, birds of prey and the most spectacular cypress and live oak trees with hanging moss.

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