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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina's Mystical Golf offers winter package

published by World Golf Wire    Nov. 06, 2012

Mystical Golf-- owner and operator of acclaimed The Witch, Man-O-War and The Wizard golf courses -- announces its value-packed stay-and-play offer perfect for affordable winter getaways. Widely known as an ideal locale for "golf buddy" trips, Mystical Golf ( was named the "Best Value" in Myrtle Beach by GOLF Magazine. Its three diverse layouts are all rated from 4 to 4-1/2 stars by Golf Digest. Running from Dec. 1, 2012 - Jan. 31, 2013, this extraordinary package starts at $225 per person (quad occupancy, taxes included). Mystical Golf's centrally located golf villas offer easy access to and from Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR), myriad restaurant / nightlife options and popular attractions like The Alabama Theatre, House of Blues, Broadway at the Beach and Murrells Inlet.

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The Wizard - an enchanting golf adventure

published by Ladies Golf Journey    Nov. 05, 2012

We usually play a links course in our area so when I learned we were playing The Wizard I thought open fairways, some high grass, and a little water. The first thing you notice is that the clubhouse does not look like any clubhouse that you have seen before. It’s a castle style clubhouse you might see in Scotland. You can imagine Harry Potter flying around in the sky. I even looked for Arnold Palmer to be standing on one the bridges like his famous pose at St. Andrews since we were in fantasy land.

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Witch, Wizard and Man O' War golf in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is ever evolving

published by Travel Golf    Oct. 30, 2012

The Wizard Golf Club isn't exactly the Old Course at St. Andrews, and the Witch Golf Club won't be confused with Pinehurst No. 2, but that doesn't stop Claude Pardue from drawing inspiration from those two great courses. In fact, the one thing you can say about Mystical Golf, which owns a trio of golf courses in the Myrtle Beach area that also includes Man O' War, is that it never stands pat. For years now, Pardue, the CEO and president of Mystical Golf, has been massaging these three unique courses along. The best part is that they are all different, and they continue to evolve. The Witch, which is located in Conway just west of Myrtle Beach, is the most difficult of the three, and it's built on 500 acres of swampland, complete with vast amounts of wildlife, including alligators. The themes, of course, are obvious, with each representing a sort of mythical experience. The Wizard has a clubhouse that resembles a castle; Man 0' War, believed to be the only course in the world with back-to-back island greens, has a clubhouse that sits over the water (as does the golf course, in a sense). And The Witch is isolated in the bogs with plenty of trees, wetlands and 4,000 yards of bridgework.

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Man O'War Golf – a course for thoroughbreds or a dangerous fish

published by Ladies Golf Journey    Oct. 29, 2012

Man O' War is a great race horse in my neck of the woods, but when I talked to the folks at Man O'War Golf about the famous thoroughbred we seemed to have a language barrier. It wasn't until I looked at the yardage book and saw little squiggly things in the water that I realized that we were talking about two different things – a racing icon and a marine organism that most people call a jelly fish. The third option is the large battleship theme featured on their website. We played Man O'War on the third day of golf at the trio of courses named "Mystical Golf." The owner, Claude Pardue, and architect, Dan Maples, designed the courses to be completely different from each other. Man O'War This course has 18 holes of water with fewer trees and large greens. Don't let the open wide fairways fool you. It is no walk in the park. There will be a war between you and the course.

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Mystical Golf Group offers enchanting vacation options

published by Metrolina Golf Magazine    Oct. 28, 2012

They make up the Mystical Golf Group, three courses among the hundred or so scattered up and down the Grand Strand, 60 miles of Atlantic coastline that has Myrtle Beach at its focal point. But there's really nothing mystical about the golf at The Witch, The Wizard and Man O' War … at least not in the spiritual or supernatural definitions of the word. Nope, these are three solid, honest-to-goodness tests of golf that put the challenge right in front of you on every one of the 54 holes. But then, "solid" and "honest-to-goodness" aren't nearly as marketable terms at "Mystical." And besides, there is something a little magical about this threesome designed by architect Dan Maples.

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