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Glory or Graveyard? The 5 Scariest Golf Shots in Myrtle Beach

published by Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday    Nov. 10, 2014

For 15 holes, The Wizard is a links style course where water isn’t a factor, but that changes on the last three, capped by the par 4 18th. Playing 421 yards from the tips and 394 yards from the whites, it’s a long hole that requires a forced carry over water on the approach. There is no bailout room and a 235-yard drive from the white tees still leaves approximately 165 to get home. On a course that gives players the chance to score, the approach on No. 18 at the Wizard can be a curse on your round!

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published by Photo Gallery: The Witch course near Myrtle Beach, S.C. brews up some intimidating golf    Oct. 31, 2014

Built on 500 acres, much of it swampland, The Witch meanders through wetlands without disturbing the habitat. Some 4,000 feet of bridges see to that, and the holes bump against the natural lakes that often come into play. With trees and water everywhere, it seems, the Dan Maples-designed, 6,796-yard par 71 can be a scary test (133 slope) for most players. The golf course is really a tale of two nines. The front uses up the majority of the land, has the most bridges and is played through the wetlands and deep forest. It's also 3,600 yards long, while the back, which has a few elevated tees and more open holes, is around 3,200 yards from the tips, but the finishing stretch of 16, 17 and 18 will certainly get your attention. One of the more unique aspects of the golf course, one of three owned and operated by Mystical Golf in Myrtle Beach, is the tee markers. They are made from the small hardwood stumps that pierce through the water in the swamps and naturally resemble a witch's hat. In addition, there's plenty of wildlife, including alligators and wild turkeys

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Top Three Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach Worth the Trip

published by Golf for Beginners    Oct. 24, 2014

If you have visited Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on previous golf vacations, chances are you have heard of, or played, one or more of the three Mystical Golf Courses within fifteen minutes of the Coast. With over one-hundred golf courses to choose from, here are a few reasons why the Witch, Wizard and Man O'War are definitely worth a trip to the Beach! Survival is the name of the game on the three Mystical Golf Courses.

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Mystical Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation Courtesy of the Wizard Claude Pardue

published by Andy's Golf & Travel Diary    Oct. 24, 2014

Another birthday to celebrate is no big deal. Celebrating it in Mrytle Beach playing the three Mystical Golf masterpieces is a big deal! All courtesy of the Wizard himself, Mr. Claude Pardue via the Golf Travel Writers Association (GTWA). Staying at the ocean front Sea Mist, drving out to one of the terrific trifecta turf tracts—The Witch, The Wizard and Man O’War, dining with the Divine Dining Group, and celebrating love of country and freedom at the Alabama Theatre with friends was one heck of a birthday celebration! I am no Dorothy, I didn’t want to go home to Florida, but maybe Claude Pardue is really a wizard!

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Mystical Golf - A Myrtle Beach Golf Journey You Won't Regret

published by Eat, Sleep, Golf    Oct. 24, 2014

It's a sad time of year for Canadians as winter seems to be lurking closer day by day. With the sun rising later each morning, the glistening dew on the grass is being replaced by a silver frost, and golfers line up at the course, reluctant to accept the reality that the 2014 golf season might be over. As gloomy as this may seem, this post is not meant to be discouraging or disheartening, quite the opposite, as I bring news of hope and encouragement. As the northern golf season is coming to a close across the country, several southern US regions continue to thrive and flourish. The visions of green fairways, the smell of fresh cut grass and the pursuit of shooting par, don't have to be relegated to office daydreams. The Myrtle Beach has become a personal favorite of mine as an October/November golf getaway destination. More specifically, the three courses at Mystical Golf (Man-O-War, The Witch & The Wizard) have earned a permanent place in my heart. These three uniquely designed courses with creative layouts will challenge the most experienced of golfers, but can also be enjoyed by higher handicappers.

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